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all decoration it is easy to create brick or stone imitations on the wall with the most common building materials our most loyal viewers are probably already familiar with this process but today we’re going to show a completely different way of decorating a wall the worker uses paint to achieve a would affect the work begins with the preparation the surface is divided into two zones with the chalk decorative stick only the lower part of the wall will be wood like while the upper part of the wall will be covered with regular turquoise green paint finally the worker proceeds to the most interesting part decorating the lower part the first step is applying a layer of white paint and then a layer of fixative it is a water resistant film that gives the craftsmen more time to work his main tools are a flat brush and a wood graining rubber that will create a unique design similar to the natural wood pattern first a layer of turquoise green paint is applied to the surface with the flat brush the master starts from the top where the surface is divided by the short stick the paint does not immediately soak into the surface and doesn’t dry thanks to the fixative applied before the craftsman takes the rubber and runs it along the wet surface from top to bottom working with the brush and the rubber until the entire surface is finished  interestingly although the rubber is artificial it creates a very accurate passive inherent in natural wood the result is a beautiful and unusual wall that will look nice in any room  radial braiding machines the equipment you see on the screen is designed for braiding it’s also capable of making round braids of flats tri-axial braided fabrics made of several parallel layers of high-strength composite threads it’s used in wind power engineering and in such areas as shipbuilding auto and train car building it’s also used to make sports equipment such as tennis racquets skis surfboards and hockey sticks the tri-axial fabric is made from carbon glass and aramid roving it’s an intermediary product widely used in yarn production and it looks like a thick thread  this video shows how the Hertzog radial braiding machine works the device as well as the software is designed to work in conjunction with a multi-axis arm in this case the cuoco robot sir is used notice how they are moves the mandrel during operation onto which the fibers are wound the process mostly complicates it but it’s definitely worth watching  milling cutter NC machines are now used in many different areas for example they used to make furniture to process metal and wood as well as foam rubber as in this case the use of such equipment increases the production capacity since the machines mechanisms are controlled by a computerized system instead of people not only does it increase the speed but also the quality of work the video shows a milling machine and a special tool by de tron dynamics the fact is that cutting phone with milling cutters is usually very difficult foam rubber is a soft and very flexible material firstly it’s difficult to secure on the work table and secondly conventional tools instead of cutting the material simply wrap it around themselves as you can see in this case there are no problems or difficulties the milling machine performs a remarkable work thanks to the special shape of the cutting tool it’s noteworthy that the tools change in the course of work the interchangeable design expands the possibilities of processing the material and improves the quality of the result Industrial laser here is another equipment for processing different materials in an industrial environment it uses a focused laser beam it’s usually controlled by a computer for greater accuracy the energy concentration in the beam can be adjusted it can be so high that the laser cuts almost any material even wood and metal up to three or four centimeters thick working with other materials such as paper is usually difficult at best the laser does not burn the edges carefully at worst it sets the paper on fire unlike many others the device you see on the screen can work with paper which makes it high-quality and expensive in this case the laser moves at a speed of 35 millimeters per second the power output is 15 percent of the maximum the device doesn’t leave burnt spots on the edges either to process words the power is set higher about 30 percent of the maximum like in this case see how easy it is for the laser to cut veneers the work speed is increased up to a hundred millimeters per second here  we’d also like to show you how it works with plastic more specifically six millimeter thick black acrylic the laser moves along the surface at the speed of 12 millimeters per second the power is set at 90 percent all the equipment shown in the video is produced by the American company boss laser moulding machines finally we’d like to show the work of the metalworking machines produced by the spanish company prada nagisa it’s fascinating how the equipment processes the metal the MT 500a is an automatic iron twisting machine able to produce any details for building decoration railing elements or simple scrolls the equipment is patented which makes it impossible to find similar machines on the market parts with round square and even cylindrical sections are subjected molding by the way the fence near the Niagara Falls was made using this equipment other machines we wanted to show you are the hydraulic shearing machines the MX 700 and the MX 340 G these are multifunctional hydraulic punching presses they can apply forces ranging from 40 to 70 tons depending on the model the tool is equipped with a wide workshop and a hydraulic cylinder with an outstanding length of stroke thanks to these features it’s able to punch holes bend cuts fold and much more in addition to the above-mentioned applications the tools can also be useful perforating shoes metal and pipes finally the last equipment is the end hot wrought machine the PC 16 is designed to create scrolls at the end of the workpiece regardless of its size shape or cross-section piece is made by this machine I used to decorate gates windows fences and furniture hey stop being lazy it’s time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you’ll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won’t regret it

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