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watermelons slicer tool cutting of fruit as big as a watermelon is not difficult but it is a rather long process here is a tool that allows you to cut a watermelon in a couple of minutes quickly and effortlessly it was created by the American company Odyssey Mall and it costs about $30 the device is suitable for cutting not only watermelons but also melons and other crops of the gourd family this tool immediately cuts the pulp into small tidy cubes in addition it allows you to take out absolutely all the pulp up to the rind brushes by Joseph Joseph this is blade brush a cutlery brush the crossed bristles effectively cleaned both sides cleaning knives with blade is absolutely safe as well the outer surface of the brush is textured so it won’t slip out of your wet hands its price is $8 the edge brush is designed for washing dishes pay attention to the sink rest it allows you to make the most of the space around the sink the brush is simply suspended on the edge of the sink while washing soft bristles do not scratch the dishes and the scraper removes stuck food this unique angle allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas as well it’s price is $14 pomegranate D cedar have you ever wondered how much time it takes to peel a pomegranate most likely not however it’s definitely much longer than we would like this accessory by test coma is a way out of this situation for $14 you can buy this kitchen gadget that will allow you to pick pomegranate seeds in just a few minutes the procedure consists of three stages first cut the pomegranates and put it on the device then tap on it the pressure on the grid will do its job and the seeds will fall down the next thing you need to do is drain the juice and rinse the seeds from the remaining skin colander by equilibrate we all know that before eating vegetables or fruits you should wash them however this procedure can be very annoying the water splashes in all directions the freshly washed fruits fall into the sink and either get dirty again or crumple specialists from equilibria or us solution here is a unique colander that keeps the bowl in place the secret to the design is that the colander consists of two bowls an inner and an outer one when you tilt the outer bowl holding the handle the inner bowl remains in the same position that is the fruits or vegetables don’t fall out while the water is drained the manufacturer recommends putting water in the bowl and rinsing the food right in it saving up to 60% of the water you can buy this appliance for $13  poche Pro here is another kitchen gadget by Joseph Joseph this time it’s a special mold for making poached eggs cooking this dish with this device is very easy poach pro consists of two silicon molds first place the raw egg between them in a plastic wrap then lower the mold into boiling water thus the poached egg retains its integrity the opening at the side is designed to make it easier to take out the egg pay attention to the tooth to edges to they simplify the process of removing the excess wrap the price of the poach pro is fourteen dollars  digital oven thermometer the key to a perfectly baked meal is the right temperature and not in the oven but in the dish itself here’s a digital oven thermometer by test coma it’s equipped with a heat resistant probe that goes directly into the meat or pastry the display shows the temperature of the dish from naught to 300 degrees Celsius we’d like to draw your attention to the built in timer to the gadget makes a sound when the dish in the oven reaches the required degree of doneness so you’ll never overcook or undercooked your meal ever again the thermometer is equipped with magnets on the back so that it can be attached to any metal surface and its price is $40  pl8 pasta maker the gadget you see on the screen is ideal for people who like to cook everything by themselves as you’ve already guessed from the name we’re now talking about making pasta you can buy the device for forty dollars it’s noteworthy that the pl8 can help you with almost all stages of pasta preparation the device consists of two functional parts the first one helps to roll out the dough you can adjust its thickness with a lever at the side the second part equipped with a special blade creates pasta from the dough Sharp’s field gloves sooner or later people who cook everyday end up getting injured most often they cut themselves because of careless knife handling the British company jml offers a solution to the problem for just $30 these are protective gloves with optimal resistance to almost any cutting impact with them cutting cleaning grating products as well as opening cans becomes absolutely safe the secrets of the glove lies in the material that they are made from it’s a combination of copper and polyethylene fibers today they provide optimal protection and give the gloves flexibility they’re rated at level 5 for cut resistance on the e and 3/8 8 standard chocolate fondue this tool by test coma is perfect if you need to quickly melt chocolate or chocolate Flay’s and can be used to decorate or stuff desserts another application is making chocolate fondue with fruit pieces of fruits or cookies are dipped in molten hot chocolate and then eaten the advantage of this device is the removable Bowl which you can wash whenever you need to the price is 34 dollars  pl8 cubing mandolin and here’s another device that will allow you to cut any products quickly and safely without wearing protective gloves this is a professional grater which produces slices of identical thickness place the fruit or vegetable in the special Bowl or if it’s an oblong vegetable fix this on the holder with the pins note that the contact between the hands and the blade is minimized the cutter offers a wide range of possibilities for processing products the slice width can be adjusted to in addition instead of slices you can make cubes you can buy this gadget for $80 Bavarian edge the purpose of the last gadget that we’re gonna show today is to keep the kitchen knives as sharp as possible jmls Bavarian edge works much more efficiently than any other standard sharpener the clip demonstrates how you can sharpen even a plastic card using this gadget in seconds the device is suitable for sharpening any knives even Fred knives the device is equipped with Springs creating an ideal sharpening angle when the knife is inside thanks to this an excellent result is achieved the price of the sharpener is $26 hey stop being lazy it’s time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you’ll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won’t regret it

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