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bricky generally speaking it’s quite easy to distinguish a building puts up by professionals from any construction made by amateurs especially when it comes to brick buildings bricky is a compact and lightweight device which allows any beginner in the construction industry to become a pro it is easy to use and allows you to create buildings that meet professional standards basically brick II is a mold in which the masonry mortar is poured the manufacturer offers three sizes to build a hundred and 2.5 millimeter a hundred and forty millimeter and two hundred and fifteen millimeter thick walls these parameters are standard and are widely used on construction sites around the world bricky allows the mortar to be placed in a uniform and tidy layer while saving material if there is too much mortar it is simply moved to the edges of the mold and used later the manufacturer also offers a template for precise and fast filling of vertical joints it’s also available in various sizes to work with any bricks or blocks the price is starting at $46  khorium brick the material you see on the screen won’t allow you to build a house or even a small building abbs because we’re talking about facade bricks however it’s a revolutionary material and is gaining popularity all over the world traditionally these bricks are dear to the surface of the building’s facade with a special solution it is a long and messy process the corium brick cladding system makes the cladding process three times faster though and the process itself is quite simple first of all special stainless steel profiles are fixed to the wall with self-tapping screws each brick on one side has slots that allow it to attach to the metal profiles then you just have to fill the joints with mortar obtaining a smooth final coating without even using construction level or other flattening tools thanks to the metal construction the rows of bricks are laid evenly with identical horizontal joints however the width of the vertical joints may vary to suit the design tile floor the modern market offers a wide variety of flooring options with different characteristics appearance and of course cost the flooring materials you see on the screen are economical practical and are very easy to install first we would like to draw your attention to the crumb rubber tiles only two tools are required for installation a knife and a t-square each tile has grooves cutouts at the edges they interlock with each other achieving a smooth coating another advantage of the material is its softness when laying the tiles near the wall all you have to do is cut off the parts of the tile you don’t need with a knife this coating is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use for example for a playground or a whole room alternatively several elements joined together can be used as a carpet the second option is tires made of impact resistant polypropylene the manufacturer recommends using them for garage flooring the final result is aesthetically pleasing the surface is resistant to oil grease antifreeze and any other household chemicals each element has slots on the edges for quick and easy installation however to cut a piece of this tile you’ll have to use a tile cutter  plus two leveling if a builder needs to create a perfectly flat wall he applies a layer of plaster one of the last steps of the plastering procedure is to level the surface 45 to 60 seconds after mixing the mortar it starts to harden which means the worker doesn’t have much time left to remove the excess material and smooth the surface traditionally hand tools such as a wide metal spatula or a leveling border used to finish the plaster however if you want to speed up the process and make the final result perfect you should use a tool like the one you see on the screen this is a rotating disc that quickly and efficiently levels the surface minimizing the builders efforts the tool is similar to a conventional wall grinder but it’s most suitable for final leveling  manhole-cover try gonna the design of manhole covers hasn’t changed in many years it seemed to be optimal for a long time so there was no point in trying to improve anything this video shows the installation of a modified manhole cover the German company a Co passive and ghasts manufactures this kind of products the rectangular design provides better access to the sewerage system and can accommodate several people at once pay attention to the lid itself – it consists of four elements forming a rectangle built in hinges allow the elements to be open to a 100 degree angle pay special attention to the self locking mechanism even if you accidentally touch the open parts of the cover it does not slam shut but locks in a new position this increases the safety of sewerage work stone floor check company nature stone sells material for the creation of a very unusual flooring these are smaller stones that can have the most diverse structure in color the manufacturer offers materials suitable for indoor and outdoor use they can be used to finish sidewalks entrances terraces outdoor stairs gazebos and pool areas according to the manufacturer this coating has much better performance characteristics than for example paving slabs the stones don’t let plants sprout and there’s no puddles of a surface as the water flows down to the ground there’s no need to renew the grouting either as is the case with paving slabs making a floor out of this material is no more complicated than using any other the material can be laid on almost any hard floor even if it’s old in this case the stone is laid on a concrete surface colorless epoxy resin hardener and some other substances are mixed in a bucket the resulting solution is then thoroughly mixed with a decorative stone material the mixture is then poured onto the surface and spread evenly with a spatula the only thing left to do is spread acetone solution all over the layer and wait for it to dry timber beams slab formwork system monolithic low-rise constructions are becoming more and more popular all over the world which means specialists face an important task of improving construction techniques one of them is the slab formwork system you’re seeing right now on the screen simply put it’s a moles to create the floor of the future building from concrete mixture the installation system of the mold allows you to increase cost-effectiveness the workers cope with the task more quickly so you can save money on labor costs the main formwork beam is a huge load bearing capacity approximately eighty percent higher than standard formwork beams the system is called dhoka flex 30 stack and is produced by the Austrian company Doka

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